Being tired of the whole "Water Ramp" thing where you had to hike up 15

stories of stairs on every hit, then get soaked, we figured we could

come up with something better, something that let you get more hits in a day, stay

dry, and unlike water ramps, work for snowboards and skis. At the end of the day the most important thing was it had to be more fun.

After driving the completed Launcher from Michigan to Whistler, Adam Schrab, Luke, and a few COC staff, put the Launcher together and by dark it was ready for Adam to guinea pig. It worked perfect.

Click to watch The Launcher - First Launch

The Camp of Champions partnered with M-Snow to make the first fully

adjustable smart  "Launcher" for dryslopes. "The Launcher" has been designed so

that you can dial in the exact speed you want, and to have a progressive

pull so that upon the operator hitting the "Launch Button" you are

smoothly pulled up to the desired speed so you have the highest degree

of control going into the jump so you can learn faster. Sensors detect

the load placed on the bar, so a 200 pound person can be followed by a

100 pound person and they both receive the correct pull for their

weight. Once you dial in the speed you want, you simply ask the operator to dial up the perfect speed for what ever trick you want to do. The digital version of hiking up another ten feet to go bigger.

Click to watch The Launcher - Guinea Pig Session

The first couple of times you use "The Launcher" we do a couple of slow speed runs so you get used to the straight pull, then do a mellow pull that launches you into the Big Air Bag for the first time. Once you do that mellow air, after that, the only limit is your imagination.

1970-2011 Water Ramps RIP.