It had been snowing and raining all week up on the glacier in the world's

largest summer park so when the sun came out at last for Canada Day, The

Camp of Champions park security team was busier than usual sending

poachers packing. It's classic when the poachers are supposed to be

digging, coaching and working at other camps. Nothing votes for "Best

Summer Park and Pipe" like poachers coming over to see how the other rabbits


It was nice to see the sun come out, the park is so big that there were

entire sections where campers had never been. It was pretty funny

watching them discover entire rail lines or a jump line they hadn't seen

before. Once the sun came out, everyone was sending it hard on the day

they had been waiting for. The rail features that had been the "Go To"

features for sessioning in the fog were lightly sessioned, and the

triple big line and the double really big line got the session they had

been waiting for as well. There must be nothing more disappointing as a

snowflake than falling all that way from up above to land on the

Horstman Glacier, then get scooped up by the snowcats, built into an

epic park and then melting before "The Big Session" So yesterday, even

the snow was happy to see the sun and fulfill it's destiny as a

snowflake in the COC park.

It was probably the most international week we've ever had with campers

and National Teams from Greenland (yes, Greenland!), Finland, Sweden,

Norway, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland,

Belgium, Scotland, Russia, Mongolia, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New

Zealand, and a few other countries I forget. It was awesome learning new

slang in so many languages. "Onok ookpik!" - "How's it going" in

Greenlandic. "Oki Ho Ga E!" - "The bigger the better" in Japanese) and

then a few others that I am sure don't mean what we were lead to believe

they meant. Judging from the response to "Nice belt buckle", for some

reason I don't think means what I was told it means.

The multi hit 22 foot Global Cutter pipe was firing with national teams from all over the globe strait

up killing it. Gus Kenworthy and Tucker Perkins from the US Pipe Team

were ripping. Joe Schuster, Matt Sterbenz, Reed Speedman, Keltie Hansen,

Finn Anderson and all the coaches and campers were sending it hard.

Bobby Brown, Peter Brown turned up a few days early for their Send It

With... Session to ski with broheem Banks Gilberti. They had a good time

skating the mini ramp and sending it with campers in the park.

It's change over day today so all the Campers from Camp A are on their

way home with stoked smiles, piles of free stuff and new skills that

will let them crush it this winter at home. Thanks for coming, it was

awesome. Whadaya figure... Meet up same time next year?

Sounds good to me! See you in 51 weeks, I can't wait to see your photos and videos from the session. Post 'em up soon!