Last Tuesday at 6:30am I departed the old NS office for the last official day of working there.  I picked up my friend Geoff, who offered to help me truck some of the heavy shit over, which was much needed.   We had a tight schedule, as the internet guy was going to show up somewhere between 9am-12pm and I didn't want to miss him.   I mean really, you can't do much with an internet company with no internet!  Geoff and I managed to stuff my subaru to the gills with all manners of office supplies that were necessary to do business.   I wanted to be working over at the new office later that afternoon so I made sure to bring all the essentials.  Its kind of funny, most people get really excited about the prospect of working at home, but I couldn't wait to get my office out of the house.   I mean its great to have a home office, but sometimes when there's no skiing and I'm really busy, I wasn't leaving the house for days on end... makes ya crazy sometimes!   Regardless, now I am over in the new office, and its not like I've lost any freedom (we still make the rules) but I have certainly gained peace of mind when relaxing at home.  Geoff and I actually managed to get everything in a big pile up in the office by about 9:30am, which I was really proud of.  Check it:

The main "reception" area.   Paul will probably work here when he's down, all that it will require is some furniture.   The grey filing cabinet isn't ours, so that left, the small table and the black filing cabinet is.
This is the back right corner of my office.  Someone told me its cool to have the corner? 
This is my desk on the lesser side of assembled...
As with any ski company, you should be sure to start putting stickers on everything immediately.   Made a nice makeshift sign for the door though!
Finally starting to look like a proper work area...
The videotron internet guys kind of made a mess, and I didn't have a vaccuum to clean up.   Oh well the internet is super fast!
That little table I took from someone's garbage around the corner.   I really realised that we need a lot of furnature for this place...
So I took another piece of furnature from the garbage.  Hey it was free!   Looks a little more like a server setup, but I'll bet paul wouldn't want to work at it.  :)
And now here's me trying to look professional in the new office.  We'll do some more once Chris moves in, and we get the place a little more furnished and decorated!   You guys have asked for a "cribs" style thing, so we'll make sure to do that.   I'm right now trying to snag Felix Rioux's sunice booth art from vegas... imagine one of my full walls was JF?Booyeah!