I have decided to write a blog, and this is the first entry. There isn't going to be much in this one except for somewhat of an outline of what's to come.

I'll mostly be reporting on the conditions at Mad River Glen and Sugarbush, and I'll be posting events that I find cool that are going on in NYC (I live in Brooklyn). I'll also post any of my shenanigans.

Anywho, here's basically what my season's been so far:

October 13th: Hiked Mad River

November 28th: Hiked Mad River

December 12th: MRG OPENED!!!!!!!!! Great day of skiing, felt really sore the next day

December 13th: Skied MRG again, things were a little scrapy, but still good.

Midterms this week.

This weekend I'll be heading back up to MRG, supposedly they got a good amount of snow, plus they were closed for the week so the skiing should be pretty good. I'll prob hit up Sugarbush on Sunday or some time during the week.

Hit me up with a pm if you're gonna be at Sugarbush or MRG this weekend.

My blogs should get better as the season progresses, I'll be updating things with pictures and vids too