Interview by Jeff Schmuck

Hey guys, how's your summer going?

Jason Arens: Summer is going well, spent the first part at Woodward Tahoe skiing with these guys and coaching. Then I got to cruise up to Oregon for Surface Week at Windells, which was awesome, and then I got to coach a session up there. Now I'm back in Tahoe, getting ready to start school in the Fall. So it's been a pretty good summer thus far.

Noah Curry: Summer's going solid. I coached at Woodward Tahoe for the most part. Now I'm just chillin. Pete and Dash are also "true cillin."

Garrett Jurach: So far so good, I've been working at Woodward and making edits for summer camp.

Jason Arens. Photo by Richard Mangum

As most people know, Jason, you're the brains behind the highly popular and fun-filled webisode series Good Enough. For those who've never had the chance or taken the time to check it out, tell us what Good Enough is all about.

Jason Arens: Well at first it was really just myself and Noah filming each other with a GoPro, making hilariously mediocre edits. Later we forced 'G-Money' (Garrett) to follow us around and film us. We recruited a few more people and now we're just a crew of friends who ski together and make videos.

Noah Curry: Yeah the GoPro was tight, but we needed a different style of filming. So I called up 'Percy' (Garrett) and threatened him until he moved out of his apartment in Sacramento and moved into my house in Truckee and started filming for us. Go Gary!

Noah Curry. Photo by Riley Snyder

What would you say is different about your webisode series in comparison to all of the other ones out there?

Jason Arens: We are a bunch of lazy underachievers and the fact that anything productive ever happens is a miracle in itself.

Noah Curry: I would say you could look at the other webisodes on the Internet and you get a group of kids/people that put forth effort and enjoy working towards their goals, where as we're lazy, don't care about much, and enjoy breaking glass.

Garrett Jurach: This question makes my brain hurt. Probably it's just what we do every day. We enjoy living reckless. We go to the mountain and do whatever we want to during the day, and are forced to work around the terrible, terrible tricks that Noah and Jason do. However Pete Arneson and Dash Kamp are also riding with us every day and are never not training for the Olympics.

Pete Arneson

I know you've got some big news to announce, as in addition to all of the episodes you released of your series over the course of the winter, you're also releasing a short film this fall. Give us the scoop.

Jason Arens: We set out this year with the plan of making our webisodes, and about halfway through the year we decided it would be cool to make a movie. Hopefully it turns out pretty cool. 'Lil' Roadrash' (Garrett) has been working on it and it's going to be interesting to say the least.

Noah Curry: If the finished product ever come's to be, I will be blown away. I can say personally that the second I see the little rendering screen I'll be flustered. However it should turn out sick. Shout-out to 'G-Sleepy' (Garrett) for editing!

Garrett Jurach: We're mainly doing it for the fact that it will be fun for our viewers and ourselves. Note that our film will be more free than most things in life.

Dash Kamp

What will the movie be called, and how and when will it be available?

Jason Arens: Our movie this year is called The Bare Minimum, and will be released online for absolute free this Fall, or whenever 'Yung Gary' (Garrett) finishes it.

Noah Curry: Jason's on point with that information. It will be out whenever 'G-lanky' (Garrett) stops taking smoke breaks and edits.

Garrett Jurach: Those two above took the words out my mouth.

Photo by Richard Mangum

Will the movie have any shots from your series, or will it all be fresh footage?

Jason Arens: It will be a mix of both. We all tried to get as many shots as possible outside the park this year, but with the unfortunate snow year Tahoe had we ended up not getting nearly as many as we had hoped. So it will include the few shots we have saved, as well as shots from the episodes we put out this year.

Noah Curry: I would love to have all fresh footage, but anytime we go to street spots I proceed to not care and just stand around and smoke an entire pack of cigs while everyone discusses tricks. Then I complain about the feature and yell at 'Garrison Ford' (Garrett) about how Pete and Dash are doing every trick in the book before I can even muster up the want to get my boots on.

Garrett Jurach: We actually got the opportunity to have some park shoots this year and did the most minimal amount of urban possible. Those two above are lazy.

Pete Arneson. Photo by Riley Snyder

As everyone knows, there's going to be a ton of movies coming out this fall, so tell everyone out there why they should check yours out.

Jason Arens: Good question.

Noah Curry: Not too sure. Probably so people can get learnt on not doing tricks, and keeping their skiing and life high on the gutter scale.

Garrett Jurach: Because it's going to be a party.

Any shout-outs you'd like to toss out there?

Jason Arens: The entire Good Enough crew, my family and friends and the companies who have helped us out this season: Surface, Joystick, Causwell, Outdoor Technology, Cakeatr, Boombotix, Boreal, Tall Treez, and Bolle.

Noah Curry: My mom, my brother, and to the king hailing from West Sac, 'Yung Sling' (Garrett). Oh, and Wade, Neil, Jon, Cayman, Sam, Max and Waka Flocka Flame the lyrical Genius.

Garrett Jurach: All our sponsors and my parents and friends for the support! Also Troy.

The Bare Minimum Trailer

For more information on Good Enough, check them out on Facebook at, and to watch all of their episodes on NSTV, click here.