Dear Newschoolers,We're proud to present the latest addition to the site, our "Anti-Boredom Video Page." Well... this is it. Here are links a few of the free ski videos available for download this fall. These are just a few of the hidden gems of the Internet—some of small-town glory from our members, some with crazy Red Bull sponsorship, and all with entertainment value when you should be doing something more important.Is our list incomplete? Link your addition in the comments section.

"Red" - Verse Productions (Finland) incidents: Pretty much the whole thing. This was just released on Nov. 3 and it's DOPE!

"Not Again" - Jib-Team (Norway)

Notable incidents: many, steezy

"East to West" - White Boy Productions (US)

Notable incidents: the crash section, "what of it, bitch?"

“Much of anything” – D-Crew and U.N.GNAR (U.S.) Notable incidents: the crash section, brief pow shots, Becca Babicz, music from Günther

“New Dialect” - Figment Filmski (Canadian) incidents: Ben Gerwing’s mailbox bobble, wallride slash of death, THAT GUY WHO DIDN’T HIT THE DOWN RAIL DURING THE TRAIN SHOT