ALEX: Hello?RAGE: Alex Schlopy?ALEX: Hi, who is this?RAGE: DanALEX: What’s up buddy?RAGE: What are you doing?ALEX: I’m eating in Sun Valley w/ Joss, waiting to head up there?RAGE: Head where?ALEX: The Rage premiere, you forget?RAGE: Why are you in Sun Valley?ALEX: Friends. RAGE: This is an interview, I ask, you answer. So, Alex, how’s your summer?ALEX: It’s awesome, hanging out.RAGE: Did you graduate from high school?ALEX: In November hopefully if I can get my creditsRAGE: Are you going to get them?ALEX: I’m trying to make up, thanks to you guys I missed a lotRAGE: I’m hindering your education?ALEX: YupRAGE: How’s being a pro skier and balancing school working out?ALEX: I go in the summer, so it’s not too badRAGE: Hopefully you’ll be done w/ school this year and be a pro skier?ALEX: Hopefully school, we’ll see about the rest

THE CANNONRAGE: You’re a rookie w/ Rage, how was it?ALEX: It was fun. I liked you guys, you know, AJ, Dan, Gus, LJ, Joss, ha haRAGE: Nice giggleALEX: It was a lot of funRAGE: What’s your best memory, favorite trip?ALEX: All the park shoots, except I was really tired cuz you have to stay up late. But, it is work, even though we’re skiing. Fun work thoughRAGE: Why does Schlopy get so tired?ALEX: I think I’m just lazy to be honestRAGE: You got tons of work done w/ us, so how does that equate?ALEX: I realized I have to pull through somehow, so I’m trying to do my best aside from being lazy.RAGE: What do you think about urban rails?
Floating over metal in the Mid-WestALEX: They are confusing to me because they are so hard. You just see shot after shot of bangers until you try them. They’re fun, I like them, personallyRAGE: Why do some kids ski park rails so well but can’t transfer it to urban? You could..ALEX: Urban rails are scarier, they’re higher, they are imperfection, they’re harder and scarierRAGE: You figured them outALEX: Ya, I guess, I always like to try and transfer different surroundingsRAGE: Talk about your little buddy you brought a longALEX: Who?RAGE: JossALEX: Joss got me into skiing when I was 11. I figured I’d bring him. He ended up killing it twice as hard, so now I regret itRAGE: No you don’tALEX: Ya, I love him, nicest kid ever. He couldn’t be mean if he triedRAGE: How’s his jumping skills?ALEX: Are you kidding me? He’s the best. He can spin left and right. I don’t want to talk aobut itRAGE: What’s your plan for this season?ALEX: I’m debating skiing pipe again cuz it scares me a lot. Filming, competing. I was too lazy to compete last year. I’m gonna do them all this yearRAGE: Last year was your comeback from injury?ALEX: Ya, I didn’t wanna get hurt again. I’m happy how it wentRAGE: What’s first? Dew?ALEX: I don’t know. I think I just have to see if I’m in, we’ll see. I messed up last yearRAGE: What else should I ask you? You’re a veteran to ski filming at 17?ALEX: NahRAGE: Weren’t you filming at 14 w/ TGR?ALEX: Ya, Heli, it was scary.RAGE: Then you started w/ Rage and found out how low budget we are?ALEX: It was intimidating w/ a heli and it was scary, Rage was cool. I like the mellow feeling of skiing w/ Dan and the Rage crewRAGE: Dan’s not an asshole?ALEX: Not that big of one, ya, he is, but he doesn’t make us do what we wanna do.RAGE: Besides make you get out of bed?ALEX: Ya, but that’s his job, he’s like the dad.RAGE: You need milkshakes at 2am?ALEX: Ya, everyday, I had 2 yesterday, one at midnightRAGE: Alex trains for winter by drinking two milkshakes a day?ALEX: YaRAGE: Any special thanks to anyone?ALEX: Ya, Rage. Mommy, Dad, anyone who has helped me out. My sponsors, Spyder and Scott. RAGE: We’ll see you Friday for the world premiere right?ALEX: Yup, Joss and I and our friends and the rest of the world.RAGE: Are you addicted to FB?ALEX: I dunno. Give me a def of addiction.RAGE: Logged in 8 hours a day?ALEX: Ya, I’m addicted.
Schlopy's butt-buddy Joss Christensen