There has always been debate on what ski company has the most stacked crew of riders and it is not easy to choose, especially when the teams are laid out in front of you like this.


Legends like Candide, Delorme, Cheddar and the up & comers that are about to take the ski world by storm like Antti Ollila, Daniel Hanka, and more round out arguably the most stacked team in skiing. Take a gander at any one of the Faction Collective videos and you will see exactly what I'm talking about.

My favorite from Season 1 and the series as a whole


The AR family has always been loaded throughout the years, hell, when they were co-founded in 2002, the original team was comprised of some of the greatest, most innovative skiers to grace this earth in the last 20 years; JP Auclair, THall, JF Cusson, Julien Regnier, and Boyd Easley. Add in Phil Casabon, Riley Leboe, Ian Provo, Jacob Wester, Hornbeck shortly after conception and more recently Torin YW, Henrik Harlaut, and the biggest signing Sammy C. All of these guys are at the top of their game and have been killing it for years.

As easy as it is to pick a banger video from the Armada archives, it's also hard to pick just one to showcase their incredible here's two.


Right behind Armada in terms of star power, K2's team is chocked full of talent. From the mean streets of Boston with Seany J and Clayton Vila, to the FWT and massive lines with Seth Morrison and Andy Mahre, jibby pow lines we all wish we could do with Sean Pettit and Pep Fujas, to the crew of lady rippers like Kelly Sildaru, Lexi Dupont, Amie Engebretson, and Maggie Voisin and finally the "other guys" like Maks Gorham, Andy Partridge, Collin Collins, and more. If that doesn't convince you that K2 is playing ball with the other people on the list I don't know how else I can.

Furious Sun looks seriously fun.


Line has quietly been one of the strongest, most enjoyable teams to watch ski and for obvious reasons. Ever hear of Line Traveling Circus? I thought so, otherwise I would be very concerned. While picking up the Pretzelman himself last summer certainly bolstered their roster of riders, they were quite well off before hand; bossman and founder JLev, artistic and skiing genius Eric Pollard, rail wizards Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Cole Drexler, Juan Borlando, all-around animals LJ Strenio and Niklas Eriksson, Euro stars Leo Taillefer, Sami Ortlieb, and Sig Tveit to name a few of the skiers that are probably in your top 5 for favorite pros. "United by creativity....and stuff" is a perfect quote to describe the team over at Line.

Once again, it's hard to pick only one. Plus, what do they say? Two is always better than one.

How does my top 4 stack up to your top 4? Let me know down in the comments!