Marking our 20th anniversary, the Newschoolers Awards just rounded up in Copper. Hopefully you tuned in to the live stream, because Steve risked his life on the roads to get here on time. He crushed it on the mic, and quickly had the whole room laughing It's hard to put a number on how many people he probably alienated from Newschoolers for life tonight, but no doubt a few.

The King of Trolls, Steve Stepp.

It wasn't an easy ride making this show happen. The weather meant huge sections of i70 were closed but everyone who was already in the area pre-gamed with a life-changing pow day. And when it came down to it, we had a killer night, and a winners list to be proud of. It was a great way to celebrate 20 years of this awesome community.

We kicked things off by handing out breakthrough of the year awards to Mango and Caroline Claire, two skiers who promise to be a huge part of the next chapter in skiing's story. The Strictly boys were on top form accepting their best crew award, and making clear their intentions to win the party tonight. Alex Hall, Hunter Hess, Owen Dahlberg and Jake Mageau were the biggest winners of the night in terms of awards but most importantly, it was an amazing celebration of skiing. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up, we were so stoked on the turnout, especially given the weather situation. For anyone who missed it/missed the stream, these are the results:

Breakthrough of the year presented by Gilson Skis

Male: Jake Mageau

Female: Caroline Claire

Best Crew: Strictly

Even the 5-0 fucks with Strictly.

Comp Jock: Ferdinand Dahl

Style for Miles: Jake Mageau

They See Me Trollin’: Meme_Cork

Trick of the Year: Hunter Hess

Blue Baller: T_DOG

Highest Rated Video: Magma

Ladies' Choice - Best Female Edit: The Collective x Womens Edit

Best Short: Magma

Outstanding Video Project: Drawn From Here - Nimbus Independent

Male Skier of the Year - Presented by Toyota: Alex Hall

Female Skier of the Year - Presented by Toyota: Taylor Lundquist

Outstanding Contribution: Andy Parry

Newschoolers Valedictorian: Tall T Dan

Newschoolers Hall Of Fame/Legacy Award: Tom Wallisch

The King of Afterbang.