Press Release

Off Trail Productions brings you our 2005 release, “The 11th Hour�. A film about chillen with friends, having a good time, and most importantly skiing. This year Utah received record amounts of snow and the Off Trail crew took full advantage of all of it. “The 11th Hour� will take you on a journey thru the ‘04-‘05 season, starting off in the parks, and then moving on to deep powder, cliffs, and lines. We then hit up the plentiful backcountry and urban that makes Utah famous. We finish it up with some of the craziest things you will ever see. With a format all its own, and some of the sickest skiing out there, “The 11th Hour� has it all, and shouldn’t be missed.

With footage from: Park City, Brighton, Salt Lake, Mammoth, Vail, Alta, the Utah backwoods, and a few places we just don’t want you to know about.

Featuring riding from: Austin Ramaley, Blake Nyman, Brandon Becker, Dylan Natale, Ian Cosco, John Symms, Kyler Cooley, Max Peters, Travis Perkins, Mickael Deschenaux, Tosh Peters, Stefan Thomas and Ty Battersby.

Supported by: Ninthward, Scott, Park City Mountain Resort, Siver Cartel

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