Words: Erme Catino

Photos: Stowe Mountain Resort & Erme Catino

In Alta, Utah when the resort hits a 100 inch base the locals throw down with a 100 inch keg party.  Typically it’s only a matter of time before this happens, that’s just the way it is out there and some years like this one there is a chance for a 200 inch base…that is deep!

Here on the East Coast, we may reach the milestone of a 100 inch base though it takes something special.  Lack of snow, warm spells, rain, ice, and other detrimental weather hiccups can ruin our snowpack. Though this year was different…A cold and snowy early winter followed by below normal temps and above average snow in March and early April, and we soon found ourselves dancing in pow that was 102 inches deep!

Pow Schralped and this time it didn't take 30 minutes but rather all day!

April storms are always interesting. Some years the base has already deteriorated and others the base is still going strong as was the case Wednesday.

Tuesday night our light rain turned into snow and the Mt. Mansfield Cloud (did you think Jay only had their own cloud…) dumped and wind loaded close to a foot on the mountain.  So with an empty resort, deep base, and fresh snow the skiers/riders who decided its not biking season yet were rewarded with some of the best April powder I’ve seen since 2007!

Late day powder BC mission

The April sun already started to bake things out yesterday afternoon, it was a shame as there were still fresh lines to be had, but it’s all good.  We hit a 100 inches and it?s supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend.  So if you?re thinking of golfing down south, get up here and come ski and party this weekend, it will be our very own 100 inch party.