My work has about 30 pairs of next years skis that were given to us from reps. Sadly I'm the smallest person at my work and all the skis are around 174+, except a mysterious pair of 160 K2 paybacks. We have had a solid 4 days of powder skiing this last week. They were amazing. I demoed the K2 Fat Loves for that and had a blast, but then came the, "it's sunny, windy, and crowded, so what do I try now?" One of the demo guys said, "try these, they are a little longer and a little lighter, they could work." I said, "could?" He said, "no one here has really tried them." So I went with it and took them out. !!!!!!!!!! I have never had a ski handle so well in powder chop/slop. Never once did the tips sink into anyone else's trails, it handled bumps like a camp, it was super balanced over small jumps, and when I did hit some freshies, it floated just as well as the Fat Love. If they had put a twin tip on there I would have no hesitation about landing switch on those. They were so incredibly stable. Now I want to know how much they cost so that I can start saving up for them. Those skis certainly gave me more confidence in conditions I usually felt uncomfortable. The other great thing was when I was on groomers, they skied like an all mountain ski. They were super easy to turn. So if I had label the K2 payback, I would call it the day of/after powder ski. K2 rep, if you read this, I will gladly except a proform for this one!