Thanksgiving is a very important time of year. Not only is it a holiday to celebrate with friends and family, appreciating those around you and giving thanks, and a time to enjoy turkey, tryptophan, and football, but it is also the un-official kick off to winter. Yes, many resorts in snowy areas out West and snowgun-toting areas out East have been open for a few weeks, but Thanksgiving marks the time when pretty much all resorts, big and small, start their season.

In the spirit of excitement for winter and the enjoyment of Thanksgiving, a bunch of our Windells staffers told us their favorite things about the holiday. Check out below to see who likes stuffing and who likes mashed potatoes, and the things that members of the Windells family are thankful for this year.

At camp, we’re thankful for a lot of things, but at the top of our list is our crew of hardworking, smiling, shredding, awesome employees. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ralph Kucharek – Snowboard Coach

Favorite thanksgiving food? Dark turkey meat or pumpkin pie.

Favorite thing about thanksgiving: having all my friends and family together in one place and being able to go snowboarding in vermont that day.

What are you thankful for this year? I’m thankful for being in good health, for my family, friends, and to be an American.

Sev Boosinger – Skateboard Coach

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Mashed potatoes and gravy

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving: Leftovers

Thankful for this year: Family, friends, and MW3

Marsha Hovey – Marketing Coordinator

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Green bean casserole with a giant layer of extra crispy onions. Mmm.

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving: Giving stretchy jeans a run for their money while I enjoy a food coma.

Most thankful for: All the friends and family I got to see this year thanks to my Subaru and America’s great highways.

Keith Kubiesa – Dex’s Shop Assistant Manager

Favorite food: My Grandma as been making her Italian style stuffing for at least as long as I have been around. The combination of that all mixed up with a mean serving of fresh cranberries is delicious and nutritious (if not. whatever, it’s Thanksgiving. Not nutritious is acceptable).

Favorite thing about thanksgiving: Eating so much food so that the only realistic option available for me to do is find a nice pillow and some floor space to watch football with the men of the family, while the women are too busy to bother us because they are going through all the coupons for Christmas shopping.

What are you thankful for this year: I am thankful for my health and having the privilege to be able to ride my snowboard all months of the year.  I am also thankful that my whole family can travel home for the holidays and enjoy each other’s company.

Tyler Barnes – Ski Coach

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Definitely stuffing, homemade though, none of that boxed garbage. Close in second is pumpkin pie. 

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving: Even if I start skiing earlier, I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving as the official start to the season. Growing up in the Midwest, Thanksgiving always meant opening day.

What are you Thankful for this year: Too much for me to say; I’ve been really blessed in life. I get to do the thing I enjoy most, with the best people, in the most beautiful places. I love my family and friends; I’m thankful for them most of all.

Jake Durham – Filmer

Favorite Thanksgiving food: mashed potatoes

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving: family meals

Thankful for this year: Friends

Kyle Martola – Digger

Fav thanksgiving food. Cheese and pumpkin pie

Fav thing. Getting the family together, and it means were that much closer to snowboarding

Thankful for The good health of all of those close to me My job in the snowboarding industry. my Sunburst family and the gosh darn Green Bay Packers !

Ben Bilodeau – Snowboard Coach

Favorite food: tofurky, stuffing and mashed potatoes

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving: everybody realizes what they’re grateful for

Thankful for: family and friends

Danger Dave – Head Snowboard Coach

Favorite food: turkey (light and dark meat) and mashed ‘taters

Favorite thing: shredding in the morning, napping for the rest of the day

Thankful for: great friends, supportive family, gourmet cabby, Brecks’ jump line, skate bowls, my Volkswagen Passat for continuing to run as I drive all over hell and creation, and everyone who continues to be a part of making every day the best day of my life


Blake Reid – Digger

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Refried beans and spicy turkey

Favorite Thing about Thanksgiving: Friendship and geekin’ on dem bars

Thankful for: EBT, family, thrasher, loose hips, and Pho

Jeanette Wolfe – Camp Mom/Sales Director

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Turkey n gravy

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving: gathering with friends n family

Thankful for: my family

Jamison Anton – Head Counselor

Favorite Thanksgiving food:

Mashed potatoes are always a must with my family… stack up a pile of them, pretend it is a pillow line and slash down it with one of the string beans out of the casserole… and if that doesn’t work I am a huge fan of the gravy and stuffing. My mom is a killer cook and that stuff is always great.

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving:

I would say the turkey-bowl. My extended family all meets up early in the morning (younger cousins, parents, grandparents), we get together with a whole other family and we all go out to play soccer. Its a lot more laid back than football and we all have a lot of fun doing it.

What Am I thankful for this year:

Something I am always thankful for, are my family and friends. My parents and younger brother are supportive of everything I do and its always great to have that kind of backing. My friends are great as well; amazing to ride with, chill with and talk with… plus without them I would not be able to couch surf for a couple weeks this winter in SLC… thanks guys.

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