I had just finished up with my trip with Rage in Quebec (look for the update soon, best trip EVER for urban), and was flying home on the 23 to spend Chritmas in Fernie with my family, as usual. I land in Calgary, my mom picks me up and we began the three hour venture. Then all of a sudden, I start getting a sharp pain going in and out of my stomach. I brush it off, and once we arrive, I say hello to my whole family and hit the sack. I wake up in the middle of the night in agony, contemplatng waking someone up to take me to the hospital, but no, its okay i say, just try and get some sleep...Wake up fr Christmas Eve morning and its still killing me....after a few hours my mom and i decided to head to the hospital. he doc there takes a blood and urine test, decides I might have appendicitis, but I need a surgeon to check it out. The closest surgeon is an hour away and is on call for the holidays. So the doc calls him and lets him know we are coming, an hour goes by of pain, and I am called in. Both the nurse and the doctor immediatley say that I walk like someone who needs there appendix removed. Shit are you serious? They check me out, and say I definitely need immediate surgery to have it removed. I'll have to spend at least one night here...Christmas Eve night! Come on God! Well anyways, Everyoe is rushing to get home to there families, and so before I get into the Operating Room, the nurse tries to get the IV in my right hand....no dice, I;m prety sure she struck a nerve because it fucking killed. Then the left hand...stll no dice, but much less pain. Then when i get into the OR the anesthesiest puts it in my forearm...didnt' even feel it. Soon after I pass out, wake up with three holes in my stomach...haven't seen the scars yet, but I will put pics up when I do. Then I spend the night at the hospital waking up every hour for the nurse to check my vitals, and eventually wake up on Christmas morning. There is not chimney in the hospital, Santa forgot about me. What an ass. He had to take soemthing away from me instead of give it to me. After a few hours, the doc comes in and says I'm good to go as well as that my appendix would ahve burst within 2 hours, if he didn;t get to it. That would have sucked. My brothers pick me up and here I am! Christmas is back on. Now I sit, in some decent pain because i refuse to be constipated by T3's, and I will be spending 6-8 weeks taking it easy according to the doctor, 4 weeks taking it easy according to me. My first injury in quite some time....appendicitis. Pretty sweet eh? Anyways, I'll be back soon enough, full fledged, ready to shred some appendix deep pow. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, if you ever feel pain in your lower right abdomin, go to the emergency room!PEACE