Tonight was the Bozeman stop of the Inspired Tour. As I sat down to recount what had just happened it hit me- we truly lost two greats today. I’m struggling to write something light hearted and praise the hard work of Phil and Henrik when I remember seeing JP just last week at iF3, too intimidated to try and say hello. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Andreas had experienced loss this past season, JP was nominated for National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year. And it’s not even ski season in North America.

Tonight Tanner Hall was at the Bozeman screening. He surprised everyone with his segment from PBP, but before that he had something to say about today's tragedies. “In the end of the day it’s just skiing.” Tanner made a heartfelt speech, reminding us that everyone in the room knew what JP had done, and that Andreas was one of the best mountain skiers, and mountaineers in general. As we held a moment of silence, a phone went off, then another, until one was noticeable disturbing the peace. It was then that Tanner commented on how short everything really is.

“They were lucky to have been in the mountains,” his speech trailing off, “there are so many ways to go out. But they left doing what they loved. Not getting hit by a train, or a drunk driver, but skiing. Someone up there was looking out.” He reminded us to do what we love, and that we’re skiers, it happens. "There are extreme sports with athletes pushing it every day, but it seems skiers are constantly dropping off. It comes with the territory."

It’s tough to express my feelings, but seeing the Armada boys tonight really reminded me of how strong our community is. We’re skiers damn it, and we encourage , build each other up, and stick together. SIP guys, and thanks for everything you’ve done.