For some summer is the hardest part of the year, waiting endlessly for winter to come. I think fall is the worst part for me because you have the countless ski film premiers and the weather starts getting colder. Combine the two and it makes waiting for winter that much harder.


    This fall instead of just waiting and watching the leaves turn here in Tahoe I decided to get out and go to Texas to help clean up from Hurricane Ike that ravaged Houston and the Galveston area.  I got a call from a friend that was going down to organize some crews to help rebuild and clean up and I couldn’t say no after watching the news and hearing about what had happened down there. 

Before I could leave I had to attend the grand reopening of Moment skis shop here in Reno.  The party was better than last years, starting off with a BBQ all afternoon, Moment having all the 08/09 skis on display and the guys from Dalbello making the trip out. Later in the evening MC Matt Connelly of The Red Dawn came down to play some beats as everyone partied it up. 


    The following morning I headed out on the long road to Texas with my friend Jesse Duncan.  We decided to drive down and take some bikes to break things up on our days off.  Our first stop was in Vegas still feeling it from the night before.

Viva Las Vegas

    After driving through Phoenix and Arizona we barely made it to Texas after 18 hours in the truck.  The next day we finished the drive and made it into Houston and I have to say driving in Texas is AWESOME , the speed limit is 80 miles an hour.

The lonely road

   Houston was in better shape than I had envisioned, the glass on the streets and all the down trees and pretty much been cleaned up by the time we arrived. The buildings and homes that had been hit were still a mess though, and our first task was helping rebuild an office building in Houston since some of the homes and businesses in Galveston hadn’t even been cleaned out yet.

    The days have been long and we have been working anywhere between 12 to 18 hour days.  I have been doing everything to help out from plumbing, electrical, to framing and just cleaning up. The buildings that we have been working on had to be completely demoed, the only thing left is a floor and ceiling. The walls have to be reframed, insulated, re-wired, rocked, and then painted so people can get back to there jobs. 

    Galveston is still in the process of cleaning up their infrastructure.  As you go into Galveston its a pretty humbling site to see boats littering the freeway and homes completely destroyed.  The water was so high that most of the homes have been all but destroyed and people are just starting to remove everything from their homes. 

That's not where I parked my boat



    After being there for a week I flew back to Reno for the premiere of the new film from DOS Media, “Overlooked”.  I was stoked to be greeted by snow covered mountains and cold weather. MamaJay and Cameron from DOS picked me up we made a quick stop at Moment before heading over to the premier.  Things went great and Bentley and Cameron did a great job on the movie.  The after party at Fritzs was good with all the guys from Boone skis coming to party it up as well. 


KC and Kimmi

Cameron from DOS Totally Killing it with the ladies


    After the premiere, I headed back to Texas to continue cleaning up for a few weeks. The next couple weeks were pretty uneventful, and it was time for me to return home as things slowed down. Now in Reno for my first week off from texas, I realized that Halloween was going to be here in only a couple of days and I had to get down to brass tacks, i needed a costume. After searching for what seemed like hours I stumbled on a pair of 2012-production ski pants that haven’t even come out yet so i decided to go with a ski theme. I pieced together my ‘70s ski patrol get up it was time to go get some urban in before heading out to some Halloween parties.  MamaJay, little Deese and I hit up the UNR campus for some extreme skiing, urban step on rails, and grass hand drags.  I was also testing some boots and some new turtleneck technology that will be coming out in 2012.  It was a great week off from working 12-18 hours a day in Texas. 

Kev'n Rage'n

it's all in the hips

Lil' Deese!

K. Rage'n isn't afraid of urban

Paparazzi Hand drag shot

Ooooo it's a lady!

From left to right: German Girl, Strawberry Shortcake, Indiana Jane, and the Walk of Shame

That's a legit costume


A Texas sunset

Hope everybody had a safe and fun Halloween. Later, KC