Hey there!

For today’s Testimonial, I wanted to share an

enthusiastic praise for what is many of our favorite ski,

the Shaman.

At first glance, the Shaman can appear daunting.


With a 160m tip, 110 underfoot and 130mm tail, this

ski is no joke. Despite it’s intimidating girth, the Shaman

has become our top-selling ski, and is quickly becoming the

talk of the industry.

Thanks to its significant side-cut, the Shaman can carve

better than any ski in our line and can hold an edge like

a slalom race ski. The harder you push this tool, the better

it performs.

Here’s what a 23 year ski instructor from Vail has to say

about his Shamans:


I’ve tried a lot of skis over the years, but NEVER have laughed

more than on these skis! So much fun. The tips NEVER dive.

The taper angle (tip is 30 mm wider than tail) is magic in powder,

crud and trees. BIG sweet spot makes them easy. AND the

sidecut arcs clean trenches in crud or groomers!

Epic breakthrough ski that will be talked about for years!

Great job Icelantic!”

And great job to you too, Sir.

Thanks for the good words – you’re what keeps us pumpin.

To Shamans!


P.S. No Shamans in your local store? Tell us, we’ll change that.