So about a week ago i went for a decent drop. nothing to serious just styling out. unfortunately i tempted fate and went where we all go... OUTABOUNDS. FML. my brand new Aramada AR6's are no more.  i had a pristine drop in and first line of the year. only me and the ghosts ... all to myself, or so i thought. bout half way down the line was a rock section bout 35 feet give or take. man i nailed it perfect. had a bit of a rough landing but stood up and rode it out. unfortunately when i stopped to look at my line afterwards to claim it i noticed my one ski was leaving a bigger track than normal. flipped the ski over only to find a gouge bout 3 inches long on my edge and base all the way through the core and out the other side. that rough landing was my ski snapping in the core and the edge blowing out .... :( Epic start to the year and dibs on first tracks but at a terrible cost.

needless to say i have got some new skis coming (not warranty). but hey these things happen and all in al was a great hit.