March 13, 2009 – Sun Peaks, BC – Over the past few weeks the Terrain Park here at Sun Peaks Resort has continued to grow. We added side cars to the two bottom jumps setting the park up for a very progressive and fun spring. The XL jumps are still 45' and 55', and the two side cars are coming in at 30’ and 40’. We also changed up a few rails. The 40' boxes were brought down to the bottom where they have been put in as flat boxes. These features are so much more fun now. Just up the slope from that feature, the barrel got placed on top of a volcano. The fat fridge boxes were put in flat with a nice wide take off. The snowboarders have been getting super pressed on it. I would have to say that the small hip we put in the green park that ended up getting a 15 foot black culvert pipe added to it, as a cannon slide or bonk is the coolest edition to the park. We will continue to build this week in preparation for the Shredential Election '09 Slopestyle this weekend. For information on the Shedidential click here. We have plans to change a few more rails, and the 30’ jump will get a bit of step up flavor to it. We also have plans to get the bottom landings winched, so the slopestyle course will be dialed for the comp. Come check out the park, because there is not much time left with spring just around the corner.

Terrain Park Supervisor

Toby Ianson