Launching with a bang, the crew is doing a North American Tour covering every major TerrainPark in the US and Canada. With the new site going live mid January, the goal is to get a behind-the-scenes look at the park and pipe facilities at each resort. With follow cams, interviews, and TerrainPark mapping, you can be sure to know what each park is about before you get there. Get the low-down on a new perspective, one that doesn't involve resort hype. Follow the crew as they hit all the big events including the X-Games, US Open, SIA Vegas (behind-the-scene look), East Coast Open, WSSI and more! Sign up now to get the crew to make a stop at your resort. Just enter your resort in the 'comment' box at and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

Until the site launch mid Jan, enter the '10 questions to win big' survey and you have the chance to win:

two days skiing, and one night accomodation in Banff; or

three days skiing, and three nights accom in Tremblant.