Cover photo: Rocky Maloney

On May 1-6, 2016 the West Coast Session will return to Timberline Ski Area and Windell’s Camp for a tenth year of celebrating skiing on the slopes of Mount Hood, Oregon.

Over the past decade the West Coast Session has grown from a small photo and video shoot to a full-fledged family gathering. At the end of each season skiers from around the world flock to Mount Hood to meet old friends, make new ones, session an incredible park and enjoy one of skiing’s cult-classic events.

For our tenth anniversary, we’re very glad to welcome our international family of skiers, photographers, filmers and friends for one last hoo-rah. We’re pulling out all the stops for this very special event, with a host of special features and the return of our team contest: The Session Showdown

Matt Walker and John Kutcher | Jamie Walter photo

WCS10 Public Day: Sunday, May 1, 2016

As always, the West Coast Session kicks off with an open-park jam session, giving the public the chance to shred Timberline’s awesome parks alongside the invited riders. Hillcrest Sports will be on the grill serving up free food for all, while WCS mini-contests and giveaways from our sponsors will keep things interesting for all comers!

10 for 10: Ten contests for #WCS10

We’ve never been big on competition at WCS, but for WCS10 we’re doing things a little differently. To celebrate 10 years of WCS, we’re running 10 separate contests to keep things interesting throughout the week. The contests will range from daily mini-contests on social media to team and individual video contests. More details about the “10 for 10” contests will be posted soon on

Invited Riders

We’ll be announcing our Invite List soon via social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check to find out who will be attending #WCS10.

As always, we couldn’t make the West Coast Session happen without our incredible hosts and sponsors: Timberline Ski Area, Windell’s Camp, Picture Organic Clothing, Pisten Bully, Destoy Labs, Hillcrest Sports, Buff and Treefort Lifestyles.