Just came back from a trip to Telluride, CO, where we have been filming deep powder for the last couple of days. We followed the weather forecast for several days last week, and discovered that it was dumping in Telluride, only a 5 hour drive from Breckenridge. We rented the pimpest car we could find in Silverthorne, and drove late thursday afternoon.

Photo: Sverre Hjornevik. Driving to Telluride with style!

When we finally got there, yes, it was dumping! We were all very excited, and couldn’t manage to sleep the first night!

Photo: Sverre Hjornevik.

The crew: Eivind Aurstad (film), Sverre Hjornevik (photo), Iver Svardal, Pedro Filipe Matos, Gaute Silseth and Espen Bergh.

Photo: Sverre Hjornevik.

We had three amazing days, and got a lot of photos and shots for our upcoming movie. Due to high avalanche danger, we could not ski the sickest terrain, but still there was a lot to shred! We went home sunday afternoon, with big smiles on our faces! We’re now back in Breckenridge, were we’ll stay until we leave next sunday.