The Tell a Friend Tour made it across the pond at the start of the month for a quick fire 7 stop trip in the UK.

Andy, Will & Sami met up with Line Skis UK rider Tom Coe and began the tour with a stop at Bearsden ski club, a dryslope just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. The guys had never skied on dryslope before so were eager to get going. People traveled from all over to come ski (including one person who had a 200 mile round trip to ski with them!) The event had a great turn out and the locals threw down showing that they don't need snow to ski.

Backflips featuring Will

Bearsden Dryslope. Photo by

After Scotland they headed south of the border into the Lake District and on to the coastal town of Bridlington. The day of the Castleford stop we decided to check the surf reports and headed to Cayton Bay where we ended up staying for a few hours.

Pitted in Cayton

On the way to Castleford the RV;s clutch decided it didn't want to work anymore, after an hour parked up we were back on the road minus Tom who had stayed to try fix the problem.

Sorry Tom!

Sno!Zone Castleford built one of the best parks I've seen recently for the tour and after arriving an hour late got out there to make the most of it. A lot of people showed up to ski with Andy, Will and Sami and took the chance to show what they could do at a 365 day a year snow slope.

Andy, Photo taken by Joe Webster

Claiming, Photo: Joe Webster

Sami tweaking, Photo by Joe Webster

After the slope closed there was heaps of pizza, a product toss and then guys packed up and headed off for the next stop which was tonight at Norfolk ski slope.

Photo by Joe Webster

Stay tuned for Twig's coverage of the rest of the tour!