You don’t see Ted upset a lot, but when it comes to the new bone-headed GS ski racing safety rules that FIS has released for the 2012 season that neither make the sport safer nor add to the fun and excitement, he’s not all too happy.

The rule, again designed to make the discipline safer (why is it needed, asks Ted, if the 3 injuries in GS the last few years were not caused by equipment, but rather by other factors in control of the race organizers), requires the ski radius minimum to be bumped up from the current 27m to no less tan 40m. The results, Ligety explains, will be a discipline that’s no safer, less turn-y, and ruled by bigger, heavier guys who can handle the beefier skis. The more agile and smaller skiers will be at a severe disadvantage.

All this will have the ultimate effect that the sport will be less exciting, not at all safer and most tragically suck the interest for the sport right out of the new younger generations.

But my words don’t do justice to the issue. Read Ted Ligety’s thoughts yourself and judge for yourself just how unhappy he is…

>> Read Ted’s thoughts at his blog:

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