You’ll be hard-pressed to find any video online on Ted’s Sunday Bird’s of Prey GS win, because of TV-rights issues. Usually you can catch it on behind as a paid service (or sometimes they show free highlights), but today, because NBC will air reruns of the Men’s Bird’s of Prey and Ladies Aspen weekend, there’s none yet available.

But by all reports, Ted absolutely slaughtered the course, masacaring the competition. The Beaver Creek Victory has eluded him for years now. In 2008 he was barely knocked out of the top spot by 1/100 of a second and last year he missed the podium in 4th place.

In today’s GS, it was a different story all together: after leading the first run by nearly 4/10’s of a second, he ended up doubling that margin beating the 2nd place finisher Kjetil Jansrud by 0.82 seconds and Marcel Hirscher by 1.24 seconds.

Some of the major published photos show a bulkier and very determined Ligety with aggressive stance and intention.

More details later, as well as a recap of the entire weekend’s ski race results from the women in Lake Louise and more men’s in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Ted Ligety following the opening downhill training run in Beaver Creek, CO (Vail Valley Foundation)