Ted Collects his 3rd Globe in 4 years

Flying under the radar seems to be Ted Ligety’s MO.

Who can go season after season, winning alpine skiing crystal globes, winning championships, Olympics and just generally dominating an entire discipline, and not be hounded by the tabloid press? OK OK, Ligety ain’t no Lindsey Lohan whose every move is documented, but damn, just look at these stats:


3 X regular sesason 1st place finishes  in GS;

1 X Garmisch World Championships GS title;

3rd place GS finish;

3rd place National Championships;

7 X top 10 finished.


5 X podium performances;

1 X 1st place finish;

Other stats:

3 X GS crystal globe in 4 years.

Olympic Champion

World Championship podium

Anyone with a resume like that deserves to be celebrated and regarded as one of the sport’s top performers. But then again, it’s Ligety himself who takes it all in nonchalant stride. After the final GS race was cancelled due to unfavorable conditions, Ligety received a text message from U.S. men’s ski team head coach Sasha Rearick with the news. “I woke up to a text from Sasha ? then rolled over and went back to sleep. The coaches then asked me to come down for a little champagne,” he said. I reckon most would break out into jubilant celebration after receiving such news. But Ligety? He can do without all that… he prefers to simply ski to the level he believes he is capable and beyond that, he’d rather just sleep.

Very refreshing in today’s age of narcissism, when just about everyone and their mother is looking for a little piece of the 15 minutes of fame.

Ted Ligety: here’s to you! Congratulations on another killer season. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next!