Faction Rider, Martha Burley, has changed her telemark bindings and here extolls the virtues of switching to NTN:

NTN Telemark Bindings, displayed and discussed by Martha Burley

The NTN system has been around a few years now and I know a lot of people, and shops even, are still waiting to see how the new system will pan out -  and if its going to take over the world.

I finally 100% committed and have  made the plunge and  am stoked?

NTN stands for New Telemark Norm – an entirely new telemark binding system that also needs a matching new style of telemark boot – basically instead of turning at the toe one now can turn at the forefoot without twisting boot or binding.

The first worry was that everything would feel different and I would have to relearn the telemark turn. What I found was everything was fine and just getting into telemark position turns the ski as per usual along  with a noticeable addition of extra control!

From my perspective the Scarpa boots are comperable  to their 75mm counterparts for fit and stiffness

ie TX Comp is much like the T-Race and similarly I would equate the Terminator X Pro to the  T1.

The TX Comp is my favourite by far! I noticed that for stiffer boots a softer spring is better ,  so with the TX Comp I like Green springs (soft)  while with the Terminator X Pro only the Blue (Medium) will do . This is important as this is very different from traditional bindings where stiffer boots require stiffer springs and vice versa.  I think this comes down to the way the new binding system is set up. The skier ends  up using different muscles to flex the binding.  Whereas before the whole body went into a turn  now only a few muscles are needed.  I agree with others that this leaves a lot more energy for skiing.

For ski touring the up mode in NTN is great and so easy to switch in and out of.

And next year?.Scarpa will have an NTN girls boot! Cooollll!!!

My recommendations are to  track down the NTN Demo Tour or any festival with NTN Demos and try it out yourself.   Ask as many people as you can for their feedback as well. Talk to your local ski shop and see if they will do demos, take the plunge and get the right set up for you and put it on a pair of skis you love. Make sure to take into account  the right cartridge too . The Rottefella Guidelines are pretty helpful and  remember the whole point of this is to enable more enjoyable skiing with more control and comfort etc etc.. I’m stoked with the new set up? i’m sure  you will be too.