With the summer now in full swing its the time of year when the ski industry drop snippets of the seasons hard work building up the excitement and anticipation for this Autumns ski movie releases.


For regular readers of this blog you?ll know that this past season I was lucky enough to work alongside two of the big players in the movie world with time spent shooting Level 1 Productions and Field Productions. Working with directors Josh Berman and Filip Christenson I was lucky enough to experience filming trips throughout Japan and America making great friends along the way.


With me just coming out of a fortnight in the sun its great to be transported back into winter with the following trailers now out for everyone to see. Let the trailers load, flick on the full screen and enjoy what?s about to come this autumn.

Level 1 After Dark

Level 1 After Dark Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

Field Productions – Being There

BEING THERE – FIELD PRODUCTIONS from Field Productions on Vimeo.