Source: Press Release, Team Thirteen

After partnering up with Rage to produce 'The Junkshow Diaries' and ''Stimulus',

Team Thirteen will not be working with Rage Films in the future. "We were surprised

and also troubled by Rage's business ethics over the past two years. So we have

decided to go back to producing our own movies which we have done successfully

in the past," Slip explained, the general manager of Team 13.

As the overwhelming creative and managing force behind their past two releases,

Team Thirteen served as the films music and art director, edited and filmed

over 90% of the footage, and also organized almost all of the shoots. "All five

of our camera operators have agreed to stay with Team Thirteen," said Slip.

Their knowledge and experience is irreplaceable. And we expect about 99% of

the athletes to stick with Team Thirteen as well." With this strong show of

loyalty, Team Thirteen will continue to produce the same caliber of ski movies

as always.

As a result of the split, Team Thirteen has hired 2-time US Extreme Champion

Rex Wehrman as sponsorship coordinator. "Rex is well-respected and has had a

long professional career in the ski industry, so he will be a great benefit

for Team Thirteen." Also hired is Canadian Free Skiing Champ Pierre-Yves Leblanc,

who will be involved in DVD programming, organizing film shoots, and putting

together the 2005 Canadian movie tour. "I am stoked to be working with Team

Thirteen", says PY. Like Rex, he will also be a featured athlete in next year's

movie. "We always have been skiers making ski movies, so hiring PY and Rex was

a logical choice for us," said Slip. Finally, Eddie Steinhauer has been hired

as marketing manager and worldwide tour manager. Eddie resides and skis out

of Bozeman, MT and has a B.A. in small business management.

"It will be business as usual for Team Thirteen this winter. The fact that

the riders chose to continue working with us speaks volumes. Look for our best

release to date this fall," comments Slip.