The excitement of summer snowboard camp at Windells is an equal-opportunity kind of fun. It transcends age, gender, and location; whether you are a six year-old day camper learning to skate in the Concrete Jungle for the first time, a 45 year-old IT Specialist who spends vacation at Hood, snowboarding with like-minded adults, or a high school junior, who worked all winter at the local pizza joint to save up money to fly out for your favorite session–everyone counts down the days to their Windells session with equal anticipation.

The same goes for professional snowboarders, too. While they spend the winter traveling to exotic snowboarding destinations like Austria, Jackson Hole, and Japan (and everywhere in between), they also have a huge amount of excitement about spending time at Windells once summer hits. Besides the fact that these guys and girls drop into 100 foot jumps, massive double kinks with intimidating two story drops on one side, and can pretty much do any trick they want at the drop of a hat, they’re not that different than us, right? Well…at least at camp they can help us learn awesome, new tricks and it’s really cool to meet someone you’ve watched in videos and find out they’re as down to Earth as your next door neighbor. But, back to the important part, how stoked everyone is–camper, staff member, or Team Takeover rider–to come to Windells this summer.

We’re really lucky to have a group of the nicest, funnest, friendliest, and most talented snowboarders at camp each summer and the crew for 2012 is going to be great. For this edition of Team Takeover Thursday, here are a few reasons some of the Team Takeover crew can’t wait for Windells this summer.

Don’t forget to check out the question at the end, so you can win a Windells prize pack!


Austen Sweetin is Taking Over Session 5 and is stoked for camp because…

This summer I am real hyped to come kick it at Windells to kick it with all the homies and get some summer boardin’ in the sunshine! You can catch me casually cruising in the concrete jungle johnny chillsack style!

Zander Blackmon is Taking Over Session 5 and is stoked for camp because…

The one thing I’m looking most forward to would be taking laps thru the park all day than being able to go skate thru out the camp while surrounded by the most positive vibes in Oregon. there’s nothing like it!

Brooke Geery, founder of, and is Taking Over Session 2 and is stoked for camp because…

It’s hard to just pick one thing to look forward to about camp. Obviously the skatepark at Windells is hard to beat, but my personal favorite thing has to be meeting a ton of people from all over who are all hyped to snowboard!

Cam Pierce is Taking Over Session 5 and is stoked for camp because…

I can’t wait to come back to Windells. Snowboarding in the summertime, with my best friends. its impossible not to have a good time!

Nick Visconti is Taking Over Session 4 and is stoked for camp because of two words:

Heshin Delicatessen.

So, these guys have shared things they’re looking forward to, now it’s your turn to tell us what you are excited about with this week’s Team Takeover Contest question:

What part of camp are you most excited about this summer and why? Most creative answer, as judged by the Windells staff, will be announced tomorrow on the blog and will win a Windells backpack filled with prizes! Write your answer in the comments below!