So, we’ve been throwing around the phrase “Team Takeover Sessions” a lot on the blog recently, and if you haven’t been to camp the last few summers since we started inviting pro riders to takeover sessions, you may not be familiar with exactly what this means. Plus, Team Takeover is the brand spanking new title for these sessions for 2012.

So, we’ll start at the beginning. What is a Team Takeover Session? Well, a Team Takeover Session (you’re going to read this phrase a lot) happens every session at snowboard and ski camp during the summer. A group of pro snowboarders takes over snowboard camp for the week, while a group of pro skiers takes over ski camp. The riders arrive the same day as the campers and come to orientation to introduce themselves. Starting day 1 on hill, the fun really begins!

Danny Buller and Nial Romanek from Flow hanging out with campers.

So what exactly are the pros “taking over”?

All of camp! When the riders come to Windells for a session, they get to put their personal stamp on their week, through games, activities on and off hill, and hanging out with campers. It’s an opportunity to add some extra excitement to each session. So, every session at Windells has everything you already love about it: snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, bmxing, quality coaching, sponsor nights, opportunities to demo new gear, awesome counselors and coaches, the Concrete Jungle, learn to skate clinics, BOB, trampoline air awareness clinics…we could go on and on. But, now, each session has special activities, created by your favorite pros, that are unique to that week in particular!

The Technine Team held a dance party and breakdance contest in BOB. MFM was the DJ!

Some stellar examples of unique activities from our snowboard Team Takeover Sessions last summer:

- Stevie Bell held a game of bump (sometimes called knockout), with a defensive line of pros and prizes from Forum and Celtek – The Reunion SESSION 4

- Bjorn Leines personally coached campers of all skill levels on how to perfect their backside 180s – Rome SESSION 3

- Niko Cioffi and the Gremlinz played Capture the Schwag, a unique twist on Capture the Flag, but with WAY more prizes – Forum SESSION 5

- Dylan Alito held a Hobo Headwear backflip clinic and contest on a mini backflip booter, perfect for first-time backflippers, or campers that can backflip like pros — SESSION 2

- The whole Technine Team held their annual doughnut eating contest — SESSION 6

- Tim Humphreys and the Flow Team show sneak peak movie clips on the big screen — SESSION 7

There’s more, too. From team signings where you can get posters signed by your favorite pros, to movie premieres where you can watch the newest snowboard, ski, and skate movies before they come out on DVD, to on hill clinics with pros, to more games, contests, and activities than you can shake a snowboard at–Team Takeover Sessions are an opportunity to do all of the fun things at camp that you already love and get to MEET you favorite pros, RIDE with your favorite pros, SKATE with your favorite pros, LEARN TRICKS from your favorite pros and BECOME FRIENDS with your favorite pros!

The entire Capita Team came to camp during Session 2 to hang out and sign autographs.

So, if you want to take laps with Will Bateman, Forest Bailey and Dylan Alito, come to camp during Session 1! If you want to have a waterballoon fight with Marc Frank Montoya, Dylan Thompson, and Andrew Brewer, come to camp during Session 7! If you want to learn tricks with the Rome Team, come to camp Session 3! If you want to make the Earth a greener place with Nick Visconti and Curtis Woodman, come to camp Session 4! There’s SUPER fun things happening every session that make each week even cooler than ever before!

Now, here’s the part where you can win a Windells prize pack! All you have to do is answer the following question and by writing your answer in the comments below. Tomorrow, we’ll pick the most interesting answer and award the commenter with a Windells backpack filled with schwag!

Question: We have packed this summer with an insanely radical line up of pro snowboarders and pro skiers for the Windells Team Takeover Sessions 2012. You can check out the full list of snowboarders and skiers. If you could come to any of the Team Takeover Sessions, which one would it be, and why? Be creative in your answer!