Men's Slopestyle: Andri Ragettli || Fabian Bösch || Elias Ambühl || Jonas Hunziker

Andri is incredibly dedicated to competing at freesking's highest level - from throwing down one of the world’s first quad corks to his insane parkour training regime, Andri is doing everything he can for a chance to podium at the Olympics. This year he has already gotten first at Snowmass and second at Mammoth wold cups. Fabian Bösch is another Swiss skier that shouldn't be overlooked - when he’s not (literally) flipping into his skis, sending it on skiblades or jumping off tall things he's skiing technical and stylish runs in competitions. Elias has been around for years now, and while he may be better known for Big Air and stunts such as the world record speed for skiing switch (130kph) but he will no doubt throw down in slopestyle too. Rounding out the stacked team is Jonas Hunziker, another super talented skier out of Switzerland who has been a regular in Slopestyle finals for years.

Women’s Slopestyle: Mathilde Gremaud || Sarah Hoefflin

Gremaud and Hoefflin are both serious contenders to medal at PyeongChang thanks to their progressive runs, locked in grabs and of course, both having doubles in their trick bags. Gremaud is currently on an epic comeback from an injury while Hoefflin has been absolutely killing it is both the park and backcountry, winning the overall FIS world cup last season. Notably absent from the list is Giulia Tanno, who has been absolutely dominating the big air and slopestyle competitions this season with her signature dub 10 safety. I was saddened to hear that she had broken her arm at a practice run at X-Games and will no longer be able to compete in PyeongChang. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

Men’s Halfpipe: Robin Briguet || Joel Gisler || Rafael Kreienbuehl

Robin and Rafael are both young guns from Switzerland who are making their Olympic debut at PyeongChang. This is Joel Gisler’s second shot at the Olympic podium and so far in recent competitions he’s been finishing with high rankings.

The Switzerland Team is definitely one to watch out for - continue to stay tuned for the rest of the 2018 Olympic Teams for PyeongChang.