Cover photo by Patrick McCabe

Team Sweden has officially announced their skiers for the slopestyle competition at the 2018 PeyongChang Olympics. The roster will definitely not disappoint.

Men's Slopestyle: Henrik Harlaut || Jesper Tjäder || Oscar Wester || Oliwer Magnusson

YES. Henrik, Jesper and Oscar are all officially on the Swedish freestyle team for the 2018 Olympics. Henrik has already dominated the competitions with some classic style and steeze. As for training? He's been casually ripping around Andorra's park - which actually got renamed in his honor. Jesper is another legend on Team Sweden. In comps he's often qualified in first and generally ends with a high ranking finish in the finals. This shouldn't come as a surprise due to how talented he is, so he'll be another Swedish skier with potetial to podium in PyeongChang. Oscar is another insanely good skier with a giant bag of tricks to match the rest - he will no doubt be an Olympic contender to medal as well. Oliwer Magnusson, the last member of the team, is newcomer to the game but has consistently ranked in the slopestyle contests for Sweden.

Women's Slopestyle: Jennie-Lee Burmansson || Emma Dahlström

Emma is back in the competitive circuit after an ACL tear and has been making an epic comeback to slopestyle and big air this year. Jennie-Lee may be a young gun to the competitive freestyle scene but she's been making a statement with her a notably stylish runs. She has multiple podium finishes to her name, including a second place finish at the recent Mammoth qualifiers.

More official team rosters will be announced for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics so stay tuned.