With 4 podiums and 12 top ten halfpipe finishes in 2009 Taylor's breakout season temporarily lost it's momentum when he severely dislocated his ankle in the barn at Woodward last summer.  After six long months of physio, rehab, and perhaps the most painful thing; waiting, Taylor Seaton is ready to return to halfpipe competition tomorrow at Winter X Games 14.We caught up with Taylor as he put on his ski boots for the first to talk about his season, deadman bang, and getting dub'licious in the pipe. What makes Taylor's halfpipe skiing so much fun to watch? Switch drop in's, grabbing everything, stomped landings... maybe. Sunday night when you watch Superpipe finals live on ESPN keep your eye on the new electronic height meter.  Most riders will lock in their 'highest amplitude' score on the first hit and then slowly bring down their average as they make their way down the pipe. Taylor is the opposite. Consistently going bigger and bigger with each hit, Taylor's innate mastery of the transitions adds a fluid style to his run unlike any other.With only one day of riding halfpipe under his belt Taylor arrived in Aspen for Winter X Games 14 hungry to compete.  After five days of training, it's 4am, and there's less than 24 hours until the long anticipated Winter X Games halfpipe competition begins.

Taylor during last nights practice sessionThe bad news is, after working all week to put this edit and update together, I'm finishing this post from the waiting room. This morning in practice Taylor pulled off a ski in the air and caught the grip of his pole in the stomach when he landed.  It seemed like no amount of pain was going to stop Taylor's return, but finally after not being able to sleep Taylor checked in and a cat-scan revealed internal bleeding. Not life threatening, but serious enough that he needs to spend the remainder of X Games at Aspen Valley Hospital under observation. We'll keep you updated with further information as it becomes available, but for now the thing Taylor needs the most is high fives, shout outs, and your support as he starts on the road to recovery for the second time this season.