Over the years one of the most common messages I receive via DM or email is "Yo! Can you draw me a tattoo!?!" Occasionally, I'll get the less common but more entertaining "Hey! I got your art tattooed without asking and had the artist do some weird edits! Look at this poorly-lit picture of my calf!"

So here's the deal. Sure, you can get any of my art tattooed, but often, it's not a great idea. Most of my pieces were not done with a tattoo artist in mind, so they'd be an absolute pain in the ass (maybe literally) to translate to your skin. And they require a talented (and expensive) tattoo artist to create something that looks good. So, if you want to track down an incredible tattoo artist to draw something I drew on your body, that's fine. But honestly, if you're going to pay for that, you might as well pay for that artist to draw something for you as well. That's half the magic after all.

But I appreciate that some folks out there want something I drew on their body. So I put together these five pieces for anyone that wants some simple ski-themed blackwork. They're free to use, just choose a reputable artist, and tip them well. I'll have a few more flash pieces in this vein in the coming weeks, with more color and more complex designs. But personally, with tattoos I'm often drawn to more simple geometry, so we'll start with these.

Head to this link to get the full-res versions. And you don't have to put them on your body, you're welcome to just print them for your walls or something instead.

This piece was designed to wrap nicely around something cylindrical, maybe a wrist or a calf?

Old double chairs are cool.

The "double black diamonds" tattoo is a silly skier stereotype, and it's sorta hilarious how many of them I've seen out in the wild. Here's a little spin on it with some snow ghosts.

I like circles, obviously.

Ravens are cool. This one is pretty complex, but I'm sure a good artist can make something in this style happen for you.