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Men's SuperpipeMens Final Results1. Tanner Hall 2. Simon Dumont3. Peter OlenickThe great equalizer in pipe has always been amplitude, and tonight's men's X Games final was no exception. Tech tricks were on every finalist's menu, but no one was stepping up to Tanner and Simon's consistently superior height, separating the two from the rest of the crowd. Peter O came close but put a hand down on his double flip on each of his last two runs.Tanner was his smooth, grabbing self, launching big switch tens first hit, and in the end style won over big spins when the judges gave Tanner the win despite a super tech run by dumont, including a 1260.More to come as we get photos online!Men's Ski SuperPipe Finals



Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

Best Score

Tanner Hall90.0095.0015.0095.00

Simon Dumont92.0059.6694.0094.00

Peter Olenick20.0087.3390.0090.00

Andreas Hatveit77.6684.3382.6684.33

Candide Thovex76.3370.6682.3382.33

Colby West69.0080.0063.3380.00

Matt Philippi20.3375.3370.0075.33

Stefan Thomas67.3372.6623.3372.66

Dan Marion72.0049.6669.3372.00

Justin Dorey23.3348.6628.0048.66Women's SuperpipeAs most of you have you seen online, Sarah Burke is the 2007 X Games Superpipe champion. Both Sarah and Grete threw down on their final runs and let the judges decide who would take the title.

Not to be left out, Jen Hudak nailed two solid runs and actually had second place in hand following Grete after the first run.

The level of women's pipe, particularly the ladies that found the podium, has definitely taken some big strides over the past few seasons. This year saw consistent amplitude combined with spins on each wall, and even a few switch hits here and there.

More photos are on their way, I'm heading out to watch the men's finals. If you're a cave-dweller and don't know any better, head on over to watch the action live at expn.comWomen's Ski SuperPipe Finals



Run 1

Run 2

Best Score

1Sarah Burke65.0090.0090.00

2Grete Eliassen83.3386.3386.33

3Jen Hudak66.3339.0066.33

4Virginie Faivre62.6666.0066.00

5Mijam Jaeger51.0031.3351.00

6Gina Gmeiner44.0049.6649.66

7Marta Ahrenstedt17.3347.0017.33

8Angeli Van Laanen38.3325.3338.33

9Jess Cumming29.0033.3329.00

10Kristi Leskinen25.6625.6625.66

Sarah Boosts a solid air with some of the best amplitude on the ladies side.

Grete got some big cheers from the crowd with this one. I wanted to call it

a 'nose job' but decided against it.

Candide catching up with JF Cusson before his run.

Colby West and Dan Marion in the mens finals.


Peter midway through his double-knee-grab double-flip.

Justin Dorey held it down but wasn't able to get a full run together in the


Tanner (L) and Phil Dion poaching Candide's shot (R) enjoying the heated confines

of the athlete areas.

(Left) Candide sailing down the pipe. (Right) X brings out the paparazzi like

no other.

Right in the middle of the shit-show.


Simon going massive on his first hit truckdriver.