Have you ever heard of a Tall Bike?  In the case you haven’t heard of or seen one, they are quite the site.  Some friends of mine here in Salt Lake City, UT have made a few of them.  You chop up a few bike frames and weld them together to form one real tall monstrosity of a bike.  They are pretty damn cool actually!

Last week a friend of mine let me know that there was going to be a tall bike jousting contest.  Wow.  Tall bikes and people jousting while riding them.  It took me all of about three seconds for me to decide that I’m going to be there with bells on to watch this and of course I had to shoot photos of this.  I hadn’t shot anything in over a month, hadn’t really wanted to shoot much but this of course got me pretty pumped to go out and shoot.  This was the sixth time they have gotten together to put this on and somehow after all the gnarly crashes, nobody has gone to the hospital yet!.  The way it works is like an OG joust.  The two people line up on opposite sides but instead of a lance, they have a stick with either a stuffed bunny rabbit or a punching bag at the end of the long stick.  Armor is optional.  The event was helped along by the SLC Bike Company and prizes donated by Cycle Logical so props to them for helping this out.

Not knowing what to expect, I brought a pretty simple setup with me.  Just two light stands and three Nikon SB80 DX’s to shoot this event that went down in some pretty low light conditions.  I can’t wait till the next one so I can go nuts and bring the everything and the kitchen sink with me.  They aren’t the raddest photos I’ve taken but I was just trying to figure out how the hell to shoot something like this the whole time!  I can’t wait for the next round.