Well It's results day, I need ABB to study Law at Bristol Uni I open the envelope, after sifting through 12 pages of random-numbers designed to confuse you I find my Grades: ACD

This is the stage when any girl would cry, me, being a guy, go and complain to the "exams officer" who throws me some BS story in the hope I'll go away and give up, but no I look at the 12 pages of numbers and find that the work I did marked by the teacher at A&B was read by the exam board as D&C, so I ring the board and they won't talk to me only the crazy-lady in the exams office, after an hour of trying to find her I get told they can do nothing to fix it, so now I'm stuck with shitty grades, no university place and a mum who thinks I'm a failure.

To add insult to injury this happened last year to... How can the system be this flawed, is it that hard for people to read two letters ?

to add to this, thousands of little kids exam results are 3 months overdue, so they have no idea if they're gonna be drop-outs and failures or not,

Something needs to be done fast about this mess. As it happens The university of Portsmouth have offered me a place to study law, so I'm okay but allot people I know are completely screwed, if you're in the same situation just start ringing university admissions tutors and explain the situation, they might take pitty, but if not, you better hope you can live off ski sponsorship...