The start of camp is almost here! Visions of laps on the towrope, tricks on the rail line, and learning new things in the on hill activities are all filling our minds right now. We can’t wait to hop on the Palmer chairlift and ride down to the Windells park for the first time–what are the Diggers going to build for us to ride? We’re so stoked for all of the snowboarding and skiing that’s about to go down at Hood, that, well, it’s making us hungry.

We’re not going to lie, lunch on hill is one of our favorite parts of the day. What other time of the year do you get to hang out on a snowy mountain, bask in the sun, and enjoy Digger Dogs cooked on the grill, and snacks from your bag lunch? Plus, all of the hiking and lapping and riding really builds up an appetite, so it is great to be able to sit down and relax with new friends for a little while.

Check out some photos from lunches on hill last year and even though it seems silly to be excited about lunch, you’ll probably get a little psyched, just like we are!

So many sodas!

Flow Snowboards rider, Chris DePaula ate all of these Digger Dogs in one sitting! Hiking and shredding builds up an appetite!

Austen Sweetin is a Mount Hood veteran and brought some lunch accessories with him, like this Forum coozie for his soda.

Blake is one of our Digger Grillmasters, cooking up Digger Dogs for everyone to eat.

And of course, just getting to kick back and relax for a few during lunch, when you’ve been throwing down and learning new tricks all day, is awesome. Here’s Fronius, enjoying a break with his snowboard and lunchbag.