Digger Austin Leonard blunt on the double rail.

The Windells Diggers are always looking to get creative with the on hill park. They are a hard-working crew of guys that, in between taking hotlaps and hawking Digger Dogs, spend their time dreaming up weird and creative features for the park. And it pays off. In summer 2011, campers, staff, and riders saw a ton of tubes, coping-inspired jibs, and lines that could be hit in any direction down or across the park. It drew similarities (as much as possible when transitioning to snow) from the Concrete Jungle and allowed for skate-inspired creativity in picking how to hit a feature and where to go to next. Riders like Dylan Thompson and Austen Sweetin rode the park multiple sessions last year because of the high level of fun that the Diggers had created with this set up.

Session 7, Head Digger Chase Weaver and his crew, in constant effort to make the park every awesomer than it was the previous session, put a double rail in the middle of the park. The weather was sunny and warm, the snow was slushy, the take off was salted, and everyone was stoked to session the double rail. Boardslides and frontboards on both rails started off the week, but every day people kept stepping up the tricks, transferring from one rail to the other, trying one footers, spinning on and off–it was excellent for spectating as you were eating your lunch, too.

Check out a few photos from the Session 7 double rail, complete with double frontboards, one footers, filmer Paul Heran, and picturesque views of Mount Jefferson and the Cascades. Looking at these photos, we’re reminded of  summer so much, we may need to put on some sunscreen. Summer snowboarding is the best.

Danyale Patterson.
Oliver Dixon.



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