When it’s a hot, summer afternoon in the woods of Oregon and you’ve spent all day shredding, what’s one of the best ways to cool down?

Waterballoon fight!

Well, maybe not exactly a fight, as a downpour of waterballoons from the top of a van where members of the Technine Team are throwing them at a crowd of people. Sounds like a pretty good time? We thought so. For this week’s Take me back Tuesday we remember Technine waterballoon surprise.

Session 7, the Technine Team spent a few hours filling up waterballoons at a secret, off-campus location, filling a few large boxes with the balloons. They then piled into the top of the camp van and drove slowly into campus. Derrek Dennison, Dylan Thompson, Andrew Brewer, Zander Blackmon, Ben Bilodeau, and Brady Larsen had campers gather round the van for a surprise product toss, and then the waterballoons started flying.

But, don’t worry, the campers got hooked up with T9 movies, tshirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and more. Everyone had a good time!

NJ Petersen and Seth Kitzke surprised friend and camper, Matty, with a tub full of H20.
Matty’s awesome, so he was a good sport about it.
There was a fresh T9 jacket to give away and so a breakdancing contest was held to pick the winner.
Getting soaked on a summer day is fun in itself, but when you walk away with some new gear given to you by a team of pros, it’s the funnest!

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