Ok, exciting newsflash: Session 1 of summer 2012 is only seven weeks away.

Ok, that may seem like a long ways away, but it’s not. That’s less than two months. Less than a quarter of school. Barely time between vacations at work. Not even enough time to earn significant interest on your savings account. It’s not even a whole season of “How I Met Your Mother.” (People still watch that, right?)

It’s not a long time.

Which, is why we’re getting more and more excited with each passing week. Mount Hood keeps getting snow (right now we have even more than last year!), and in seven weeks, it’ll be time for summer shredding, skating in the Concrete Jungle, camp activities, new demo gear, meals in the Heshin’ Delicatessan, hanging out with pros, learning new tricks, winning prizes…ok suffice to say that we’re stoked. While we daydream about the upcoming summer, here is this week’s Take me back Tuesday to share our stoke with you!

This week’s is a quick reminder about the trip to the mountain each morning. Last year, we got a sweet, new Neff bus to join our Nike bus to take everyone up to Timberline each day. Bumpin’ sound system, everyone geared up, and excitement going nuts to get some summer shred on. We can’t wait to load up the buses, did we mention that it’s only seven weeks away?!