For this week’s Take me back Tuesday, we go back to Session 5, with one of our favorite guest pros, Eric Willett. You have probably seen Eric crushing slopestyle competitions here, here and here (there’s more than that, of course)–to say Eric’s an incredible rider is to put it lightly. He rips! But, maybe you didn’t know, that in addition to putting down big spins, double corks, and rail combos consistently, Eric also really good at playing tag back, a game he invented at camp last summer.

What’s tag back? Well, two people match up against each other in tag back. Each player holds the end of a Vans T-shirt in one hand and a Vans sticker in the other hand. The object of the game was to slap your  sticker on the back of the other player before they could get it on yours. Sounds easy but it got pretty crazy and was more challenging than you would think.

NJ explains the rules to everyone.

Eric is a pretty good emcee, too!

Johnny Tsnunami was psyched on the tshirts, as were these campers!

A misplaced sticker.

Tons of teams went up against each other at the same time. It was crazy!

Eric and a camper going head to head. It’s pretty cool to say you went toe to toe with Eric at tag back, but you guys will have to wait until next summer to see you if you can beat him–Eric’s an undefeated tag back champ!

Huge thanks to Eric and Vans! Yeeaah!


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