Epic Way Sports’ Skiskills.com joins forces with the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation to raise awareness and funding for service members suffering from traumatic brain injury, combat stress, and other war-related injuries.

Skiskills.com, a division of Epic Way Sports, is bringing together a group of world-class skiers, surfers, mountain climbers, and disabled athletes to cross Lake Tahoe on stand-up paddle boards on Monday, August 11, 2008. Among the 20 participants are Olympic gold medalist and world-champion skier Jonny Moseley; Olympian and top-tier U.S. downhill skier Daron Rahlves; Olympic snowboarder and X Games gold medalist Nate Holland; big-mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones; legendary big-wave surfer and Jaws tow-in surfing pioneer Dave Kalama; and Mark Wellman, the first paraplegic to climb El Capitan and Half Dome, and a recipient of a U.S. Senate Resolution Award.

Most participants had never stepped onto a stand-up paddle board before this summer. Now they are committed to paddling 22 miles across Lake Tahoe. And while it will be difficult for them, these world-class athletes recognize their challenge is nothing compared to what the victims of traumatic brain injury and other serious war-related injuries have to deal with each and every day—even to do the most basic and mundane tasks. “As a medical doctor who has treated traumatic brain injuries, I know firsthand the difficult journey these men and women must endure,” says Dr. Robb Gaffney, MD, Skiskills cofounder, event co-organizer, and practicing physician. “I hope our symbolic journey will help by making people more aware and convincing them to give generously to the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation (http://www.bobwoodrufffamilyfund.org).” Adds Crossing leader Dave Kalama, “What these veterans have to deal with makes surfing Jaws seem pretty tame. They’ve put their lives on the line for all of us and sacrificed so much. It’s time to step up and do whatever we can to help them."

Dr. Gaffney and his posse of world-class action-sports athletes are teaming up with the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation in this awareness- and fund-raising event. Bob Woodruff was an ABC News anchorman who himself suffered a near-fatal traumatic brain injury in January 2006 when a roadside bomb struck his vehicle while he was on assignment in Iraq. While recovering from his injuries, Woodruff and family members founded the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation to assist others by funding advances in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, support, and resources for injured service people.

The Lake Tahoe Crossing will start at 7 a.m. on 11 August 2008 from a location to be determined on Lake Tahoe’s West shore area. The lead group is expected to complete the 22 mile trek roughly five hours later and end up at Lake Tahoe’s East or South Shore areas, depending on wind direction and water conditions. 

To learn more about the Tahoe Stand-Up Paddle Board Crossing 2008 and how you or your firm can support this worthy cause, please contact Dr. Robb Gaffney, 530-412-1325, robbgaffney@hotmail.com, or Rob Howard, 510-773-4701, rhoward@bikeskills.com.

Skiskills.com, a division of Epic Way Sports, is a private startup company founded in 2007 that connects world-class athletes with skiers around the world through no-cost downloadable instructional and inspiration video content, as well as conducting clinics and special events. Skiskills.com is dedicated to establishing an inclusive community that promotes learning, health, and active lifestyles.