Been mountain biking a lot lately. The views are sweet after the climb. My knee is feeling better and better every time I ride. Getting really excited for this summer in Argentina.
Cruiser bikes are pretty sweet too. My housemates and I rode down to the Porters vs. Daves softball game where they had a DJ and a BBQ going off.
Porters won!! Superfan was stoked!
Nicki, Kyle, and I had a picnic in the parking lot. Here they are, two of my other housemates, mid chew.
Then we went for a moon lit bike ride home. I made Nicki pose. She said it was impossible to capture the moon in a photo.
The next day Nat and I hit up the resort to play some golf. It was interesting to say the least. It's a good thing we collected range balls before playing. I'd say we lost about 15 balls. 1, 2 in the bush, 3 out, 4 in the pond, 5 out, 6 on the green!!!, put for 7 and miss, 8 in the hole. I've never played so terribly, but it was a great time to say the least. The course at the resort has way too many hazards.