Me and Kim Boberg I woke up to a pretty grey day. Spent the morning debateing if I was going skiing or not Witch should'nt be anything to sit and wounder about. But last time I was skiing in Hafjell it was like -25 celsius and really shitty light when the the sun wasen't out. Then it occured to me! I'ts almost spring. So i got my skigear on and headed up. Sure enough, it was about 0 degrees, kinda slushy, the sun peaked out alitte bit between the clouds and I bumped into a couple of friends like the guy in the pic. Turned out to be an Asesome day, just messing Around with underflips and all that fun stuff. I actually got really bummed when I found out that the park is closed tomorrow to make it ready for a snowboard comp on saturday. Oh well.
After the hill we went to Kim's place for a Taco and board game night.
Alias - party edition. Greatest game ever.
Yeah, it's pretty fun. Don't gonna explaine the whole game, but it's a game with words and it makes it a lot better to Play with a Sweedish person. Go Kim.Peace