We just put the finishing touches on the new park for this weeks upcoming Team Video Challenge. The TVC park is located on South 40 where typically build our early season park. Open at 4pm yesterday it was scene to a heated night session. the TVC park is open to the public and joins the Mini-shred park in our early season park line up highlighted by 1 step-down jump, 2 wall rides, 3 staircases, as well as many other boxes/rails totaling 24 features!

TVC park:

30ft u/f/d box

28ft f/d box

32ft d/f/d box

30step staircase-down round bar & down box

30step staircase-down square bar & flat down ledge

30step Staircase -d/f/d round bar & flat down ledge with creeper rail

Urban hip/wallride

medium step down jump

30ft c-box(right)


20ft flat rail

28ft down box

corrugated tube stall/spine


30ft down tower tube

15ft u/f/d rail

30ft c-box (Left)

20ft down box

20ft down rail

15ft d/f/d rail

mini stall wall