Orange Hat Dan and Buffalo roam down "Little Chute" circa late april 2007

Please reply to this if you have any of this outerwear, and tell us what you would like to see changed about the suits. Or if you dont have any of these outfits, maybe there is something you would like to see on outerwear that doesn’t already exist. Maybe we can use this as an open forum to get some controlled feeback to the companies, rather than 10000 random posts on various internet forums.

Ill start since we have all 3.

TREW: The crotch zipper on the bibs needs to be much longer. And they need a belt on the bibs. Slim down the pant cuffs because when I ski tour in the pants, they make the most annoying swooshing ever (but thats from their indestructable cuffs).

SAGA: Our size medium suit has small pockets and openings. I can feel wind come through the main zipper when its ultra windy and cold.

LDC: The suit is big, bulky and heavy, they use buttons, zippers, velcro, magnets for closing the suit, i think they should pick two. I get rather annoyed when the tiny buttons on the pant legs come undone, and i have to take my gloves off to button them back up.