Three years ago I was in the middle of editing a video project known as Qana when one extremely unfortunate event brought the project to a standstill. It was a long summer afternoon editing with Mr. Kory Kirby when I packed up my things and returned home to discover my external hard drive was completely dysfunctional. All the footage and hard work from that winter was LOST. This was an enormous let down, considering we already had sponsors and a premiere venue lined up for that fall. Yes, call me a rookie for this mistake, I deserve it.

That fall, I brought my hard drive into a computer repair shop in Bozeman and was quoted about $420 to try to get the footage recovered, but this was no guarantee I would get anything back. At that point I was a pretty broke college student/ski bum that couldn't afford to drop that kind of money. It wasn't until the following summer that I felt like I should try to bring it in again and see if there was anything else they could do to help me out. Thankfully, this time they quoted me a max of $160 and only a fraction of that if I happened to get nothing recovered. I handed the drive over right then and there. What they estimated to be an overnight recovery ended up taking about two weeks, but after the wait, most of my videos had been resurrected!

So today I'm finally getting around to revealing the beginning of three years worth of footage with one of the rowdiest crews in Montana. "Beginning" meaning that this first episode is the first of numerous videos that will be known as "TRACKS". Inspiration for tracks comes from the journey of the past 3 years, meaning its been a rough path, one beaten by use rather than constructed. Turtle Tracks Ep. 1, starts with an urban segment over winter-break 2013 back home in Minnesota and transitions to Montana urban about halfway through. I figured this would be a good way to introduce such a Minnesota based crew that has over time reunited in Bozeman, Montana.

There will be many different projects in the future to continue the series and eventually get me up to speed with the footage I've collected over the last three years!


Check out the first episode --> "TURTLE TRACKS"