Words and photos: JD CaronThis year the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler sported two big air competitions for skiers. Last Saturday, April 15 the Old Spice Big was the first one, as a

kind of starter for the festival.

Snow has always been a problem for the WSI big air jump. This is a nice drop-in ramp, but from what I heard, it wasn't quite big enough to give the riders the speed they needed.
The crowd in Whistler Village from the hill.

Personally, it was the first time for me taking pictures of a nighttime big air

competition. That's a hard job—you have to deal

with low light, and the area to cover is large. Plus, you have

to freeze that fast-moving subject known as a skier.

I was a bit surprised much media was there to shoot photos and video. In my opinion, on that side of things Whistler is a jungle in the

night. So during this event I had to fight for my place between all those


A big air in the springtime means three things to the maintenance crew: shape, salt, repeat.
Nice landing!

The competition was interesting to watch. The riders did great tricks

even if the setup was an average one for the size of this event. And

the format was original: all the skiers had to throw 5s, 7s and 9s before doing the trick of their choice in their final jumps.

In the finals Charles Gagnier threw a switch 720 octograb, TJ Schiller landed a switch 1080 mute

to take the first position and JF did a switch 1080 mute.

Charles "Gumby" Gagnier gets both skis involved, switch 720 octograb.
Just after the big air, there was a concert...
These guys were enjoying it.
I didn't know they make bandanas for pirates!